Experience wearing traditional kimono!

Experience wearing traditional kimono!

The “SHIROMUKU” & “IROUCHIKAKE” is the most traditional kimono for brides in Japan.

White is believed to represent sacred and pureness.

At the after party, the bride changes into a colorful kimono called “IROUCHIKAKE”.


The SHIROMUKU is an all-white kimono.


“IROUCHIKAKE” has gorgeous colors and patterns.
It has the highest quality, most traditional wedding kimono as same as SHIROMUKU.



“UCHIKAKE” is a very formal kimono only worn by brides.

It is to be worn outside of the actual kimono and is never tied with an obi, so very different from other types of kimono.

As for grooms, the “MONTSUKI HAORI HAKAMA” is the most traditional kimono for Shinto wedding.

We have several plans for couples who wish to experience wearing traditional kimono!

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3日間限定 \挙式プラン特別相談会/

3日間限定 \挙式プラン特別相談会/